Kyma PVD Gold Show Plate, 12 1/4 x 5/8 inch

Color: Gold
Finish: Shiny
Style: Design
Size: 12 - 16 inch
Weight: 26.81 oz
Collection: Kyma
Material: PVD Gold
PVD, acronym for Physical Vapor Deposition, is a special coloring treatment that gives stainless steel objects precious gold, black or copper shades. The variety of colors allows to create original mise en place, thanks to the possibility of matching them with both white and colored porcelain. The PVD is obtained by the deposition through vaporization of metal particles in a vacuum-sealed chamber. After a series of washing and purification by an ultrasonic system, the items are put in a vacuum-sealed chamber to undergo the treatment. The coloring phase takes place thanks to a process of sublimation of the electrical particles, soldering to the flatware?s substrate at an atomic level. The different quantity of zirconium carbon nitride generates the gold, black, copper and champagne colors.
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