Dimensions: 7.12-in diameter

de Buyer Inocuivre First Classe Cuprinox Copper Lid, 7.12-in

  • Inocuivre First Classe lid in stainless steel copper with riveted handle in cast iron
  • 90% copper on the outside and 10% inner stainless steel for perfect food grade
  • Stainless steel prevents having to re-tin copper
  • Practical, it fits perfectly on the saucepans, sauté-pans and stew pans of the Inocuivre First Classe range
  • Finish: high-end mirror polish outside
  • Simple and traditional aesthetics for a kitchen range
  • Care of copper: use a polishing paste
  • Care of stainless steel: wash by hand
  • weight: 3lbs
  • Made in France

      de Buyer Inocuivre Cuprinox cookware features an alloy made of stainless steel and copper; this exceptional cookware combines the conductivity benefits of the copper along with the heat distribution provided by stainless steel.
      The nobility of copper in the kitchen arts is not only due to its warm and colorful looks, but also and essentially to its capacity to conduct heat, which makes copper pans ideal for delicate preparations and sauces. However copper should not be in direct contact with most foods: as a result it is used in combination with another metal, in this case, 18/10 stainless steel. The outer sides are made of copper and allow excellent heat conduction. The inner sides, made of stainless steel, allow for easy care of the pans and there is no need for re-tinning

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